We ask you to read over the house rules.

1- Lily (The Dog) The house dog is Lily, our pet. If you are allergic or have a phobia, please let us know!

2 – General Rules Be friendly – Introduce yourself around! Do not steal – Also, don’t borrow other people’s things without asking them… Respect others space, opinions, gender and nationality Support our local deli and bar! Its fresh, easy, made in house and helps our hostal vibe!

Pay any tab you may have with the hostal. Buy our hostal workers a drink every now and again if you wish- they likely deserve it! No yelling or fighting – keep the vibe chill & harmonious! Don’t take yourself so seriously – remember to have some fun!

3 – Shared Dorm Rules be respectful of others space, and time zones! Be quiet. 11PM – 8AM we ask you to respect others that may be sleeping. Turn your cell phone ringer off (or at least down very low) at night please Keep shared areas and your bunk clean If you are leaving before 8AM, we suggest you pack your stuff up the night before.

No sex in the dorm rooms or shared use areas The dorm rooms are not for drying or airing laundry. Keep your private regions to yourself – in and out of your bed. Respect your fellow travelers and staff.

4- Shared Bathrooms Keep your private regions to yourself – respect your fellow travelers Tidy up after yourself. If the bathroom needs to be cleaned, please let any of our staff know.

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