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About Hostal Armonia

Armonia was born from the desire for a warm, harmonious lifestyle in the place we fell in love with- Panama City! We first visited here in 2018, and could not get enough of exploring Panama, the culture, the people, the food, and the location of Armonia.

After visiting a few times, we made the choice to pursue our dreams and make the move to Armonia and Panama City. We hope you enjoy our home, Lily, our staff members and the many things that Armonia has to offer you right in the heart of Panama!

What We’re Made Of

Hostal Armonias mission is to provide our guests with a fun, relaxed, and accepting atmosphere with all of the amenities you would expect while staying in the heart of Panama. Armonias respectful staff each add our own personal touches with a caring attentive effort into everything we do. You are not just our guests and friends here, we want to make you feel as welcome as our own family members!

Weather you are enjoying a private upper floor suite, or tenting it in the back yard, our hostal was designed with the inspiration to have our guests feel a sense of harmony in the heart of Panama. We built our bunk beds with care and attention to provide you with a magnificent rest without disturbances of fellow travelers unintentionally disrupting your sleep. Rest easy throughout the night with the comforts of top quality mattresses and mattress covers, luxurious soft sheets, and pillows to keep you feeling like your resting on a cloud! A/C is operational in dorms, the mini private rooms, all private suites and cabins. All bunks are equipped with power outlets, have access to well maintained and clean bathrooms, lockers, WiFi, Free luggage storage.

Relax in our common areas and watch some TV, catch up with us and our staff, or get to know a new friend! If you work while you are traveling, you will be happy to know that we have many versatile areas for you to have some peace while you attend to your business.

Some of the favorite pastimes in our hostal include lounging in a hammock, reading a book with a drink from our bar and taking a swim in the pool! The gaming system is a great pastime as is shooting a game of free pool, or challenging some friends to a game of cards or Catan after enjoying a bite to eat at The Grub Hub Deli & Lounge.

We have taken care of everything so you can simply relax, have fun and meet some new and possibly old friends. The Hostal has a small convenience store for you to browse and purchase any items you maybe missing including tooth brushes, feminine products, locks, and earplugs to name a few! We encourage you to enjoy our back yard, take a refreshing swim, check out our specials at the deli or join our hostal activities!

Our friendly, experienced and knowledgeable staff will go out of their way to help advise you where the best places to go are, our favorite locations, some insider travel tips and tricks, and which is the best tour to do based on your interests!

Enjoy your stay and remember, we are all here in Armonia for a reason!