Hostal Armonia - Panama - About the City of Colon

The sea port of Colon has always held a special place in the development of Panama. It’s location at the entrance to the Panama Canal adds to its importance as does the historical treasures it preserves. Take a ride on the famous Panama Railroad or go snorkeling and fishing, the city offers you lots to do and experience. You may want to have a look at our day trips and excursions right over here.

The City of Colon is located close to the Atlantic entrance of the Panama Canal on the Caribbean Sea shore. It is 50 kilometers from the capital of the country, Panama City, and is connected by road, rail and air. The flight from Panama Canal takes about fifteen minutes only. So you can plan to spend the day in what is also called as the second city of the country and get back to the capital in the evening. You could also consider staying in one of the many hotels here.

A ride on the Panama Railroad is a great idea if you want to get a feel of what it was like to ride on a train on the same railroad during the gold rush. This railroad was the world’s first transcontinental railroad.

The city has a rich and interesting history. And this is what makes it especially interesting for visitors to Panama. This sea port was developed by the Americans during the gold rush and provided them easy access to California.

For quite a while the City of Colon was referred to as Aspinwall after William Henry Aspinwall, the Panama Railroad promoter. However, the Hispanic community here always referred to it as Colon after Christopher Colombus, whose name was Christopher Colon.

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