First of all, Panama, the southernmost country in Central America, is a mix of everything. Nature has bestowed everything of her best in this tiny country and humans have also created things here that are considered among the best in the world.

The Panama Canal is an architectural wonder of the world and once you see it, you will understand why.

The Canal is a 48 miles, joining the Pacific with the Atlantic Oceans. It took many attempts and 10 years to build the “final” product we see today. This was finally completed in 1914 with the tale of the two worlds being broadcast at the locks theatre, we suggest you take in the movie for the full details. Each year, more than 15,000 vessels pass through the canal, making it one of the worlds most important points in maritime trade. It is named in the seven modern wonders of the world, alongside the best of them.

With tours of the Panama Canal available in Armonia with Damselfly travel agencies, we make this day trip a breeze and ensure we get you to the canal in time to see some beauty ships, right on schedule!

Ask at Armonias reception for more details, or email in advance

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