Hostal Armonia Panama - Pool Crawl

In the pursue of the finer things in life we’ve made it to Hostal Armonia in Panama City this weekend where they serve a true behemoth of a cocktail. A giant glass cylinder of 10 liters that they serve as signature cocktail! This monstrosity of a cocktail, made for 5 (or more), is based on the classic Blue Hawaiian.

It’s made with Abuelo Rum, Triple Sec, and blue Curaçao, but this fishbowl is way more fun than the old standard. The addition of fresh lemons and oranges give the cocktail an extra zing! Cubes of fresh pineapple bob around among the ice cubes and fresh fruit skewers.

Hostal Armonia Panama - Pool Crawl

By the end of the night, after you’ve slurped away at the dregs of this giant drink, you may just be convinced you’ve found the deeper meaning of life - and a bit of a headache in the morning 🙂

Overall a fantastic value for money - considering we spend hours on drinking this beautifully crafted “aquarium” of a cocktail. Until next time then!