El Hacha Panama’s Newest Sporting Event

Panama City’s newest sporting event is El Hacha, in Armonia!

The sport of Axe Throwing has been a tradition to societies and our homes forever!

We love Panama; however, we also love to carry on tradition of our home, Canada! After living here for awhile, we noticed Panama lacked an axe event.  Therefore, Armonia and El Hacha Eatery and Axes has partnered up for a full experience! Together, we want to provide our guests with unique adventures and culture in Panama. We are proud to present the original Axe throwing facility, in Armonia!

We hope to welcome, entertain, and challenge you to a axe throw off while you enjoy delicious homemade food, with outstanding customer service!

Join us on a journey like no other here in Panama!

At Armonia, we demonstrate some throwing skills for Men and Women, and we will direct you on how to compete with each other. Then your real fun begins when we let you at your own bullseye! You and your team experience the thrill of the axe in a safe, welcoming environment with amazing food and drink specials in the Eatery. See our MENU here!

Visit Where Good Friends Meet!

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