Do you offer free cancellation?  Yes we do.

Can I use my own sleeping bag?  For sanitary reasons, No you may not.

Do you have a kitchen?  Yes- fully functioning

Do you have hot showers?  Yes

Is the pool warm?  Yes

Does the Hostal have a place to purchase drinks?  Yes

Do you have laundry services?  Yes. $8.00 per load.

Do you have a small place to purchase items forgotten or needed in an emergency?  Yes. We have common items you may be in need of for purchase.

Can I cancel my booking?  Yes

Can I come in late in the evening or early morning?  Yes

Do you fumigate as per the standards in Panama?  Yes, and we also use natural deterrent in the home

Is there any public transport nearby?  Yes. All within walking distance. Uber is also super affordable in Panama City.

Is the Hostal close to supermarkets and grocery stores?  Yes.

Can I buy a SIM card at the hostel?  Yes.

Can I post a review?  Please do – either on Google, TripAdvisor or with your favorite booking portal.

Can I bring my pet to the Hostal?  No, sorry. Lily is the only pet on premises.

Can I book longer if I decide I want to stay longer at the Hostal?  Yes, room availability dependent, and in compliance with our booking policy

Can I ask for a second blanket if I am cold in the evening?  Yes- ask at the reception deposit may be required

Do you have Air-conditioning units in the rooms?  Yes.

Do you have fans and ventilation in the dorms?  Yes

Do I need to bring a lock for storage?  You can, or you can purchase one here.

Do I need to bring a pillow?  No. We provide pillows and sheets.

Do I need to bring toilet paper?  No. We supply toilet paper

Do I need to bring soap and shampoo and conditioner for the showers?  Yes, or we have some for purchase here.


Do I need to bring a towel for staying in the Hostal?  For private suites, we provide towels with no extra charge. For all dorm and tent rooms we will require a $1.00 refundable deposit. We do provide pillows and sheets!

Do you have a security system in place? Yes. We take security seriously

Do you have locks for the doors?  Yes

Is the Hostal locked at night?  Yes, and we have a guard who open and closes the gate for our guests.

Are there phones in the rooms?  No

Do you have lockers for private storage? Yes

What time is check in?  When you get here, or after 1 pm

What time is check out?  11 AM

Is the area safe?  Yes

Is there shopping near by?  Yes

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