General Rules
  1. Be friendly – We are a GOOD vibes only establishment
  2. Do not steal – Also, do not borrow other people’s things without asking them…
  3. Respect others space, opinions, gender and nationality
  4. Support our restaurant, pub and activities! It’s easy, made in house and helps keep our cool hostal vibe!
  5. Pay any debt you may have with Armonia, El Hache and the artists shop.
  6. No yelling or fighting – keep the vibe chill & harmonious!
  7. Don’t take yourself so seriously – remember to have fun!
Shared Dorm Rules
  1. Be respectful of others space, and time zones!
  2. Be quiet in the reception and dorm areas from 11PM – 8AM.
  3. Turn your cell phone ringer off (or at least down very low) at night
  4. Keep shared areas and your bunk clean
  5. If you are leaving before 8AM, we suggest you pack your stuff up the night before
  6. No sex in the dorm rooms or shared use areas. Private dorms are often available, if you wish to upgrade, come talk to reception!
  7. The dorm rooms are not for drying or airing laundry. We have a clothes line for 
  8. No nudity in shared use areas. Respect your fellow travelers and staff.
Shared Bathrooms
  1. Respect your fellow travelers
  2. Tidy up after yourself.
  3. If the bathrooms need to be attended to, please let our main reception know..
The Kitchen
  1. Do not steal. If you did not buy it, do not eat it, or use it. Except soap for your dishes. Thats free to wash your dishes.
  2. If a bag or box has a name on it, it belongs to that person. Do not eat it.
  3. If a bag says “free” you can eat it- at your own risk. We do not guarantee “free” is good.
  4. Clean up after yourself, and put your dishes away.

If you are being disruptive, abusive, unruly, and do not comply with these basic rules, having respect for others in our home you will be asked to leave, immediately.

As per policy, we will issue no refunds, no discounts, no negotiations for persons asked to leave the premises. Our staff will escort you to the curb with your gear.