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El Hacha Panama’s Newest Sporting Event

Panama City’s newest sporting event is El Hacha, in Armonia!

The sport of Axe Throwing has been a tradition to societies and our homes forever!

We love Panama; however, we also love to carry on tradition of our home, Canada! After living here for awhile, we noticed Panama lacked an axe event.  Therefore, Armonia and El Hacha Eatery and Axes has partnered up for a full experience! Together, we want to provide our guests with unique adventures and culture in Panama. We are proud to present the original Axe throwing facility, in Armonia!

We hope to welcome, entertain, and challenge you to a axe throw off while you enjoy delicious homemade food, with outstanding customer service!

Join us on a journey like no other here in Panama!

At Armonia, we demonstrate some throwing skills for Men and Women, and we will direct you on how to compete with each other. Then your real fun begins when we let you at your own bullseye! You and your team experience the thrill of the axe in a safe, welcoming environment with amazing food and drink specials in the Eatery. See our MENU here!

Visit Where Good Friends Meet!

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Going to Panama in September was a challenge for me, since I am not really an enthusiast of rain and thunderstorms and have heard that the rain can get crazy! My friend started looking for hostels online. She found some incredible photos of Hostal Armonia on various websites and we decided to try it out.

What attracted us most was the cool design ideas and unique characteristics, as well as the hostal dog, Lily.

We travel together often. Like a lot. One could say we are pro-travelers! Sometimes the hostels are nothing like they look like in their website photos, or descriptions. But when we arrived at Armonia, we realized that it was even better than we expected, and the website photos showed a lot, except they did not really portray the chill vibes and welcoming home atmosphere.

Ok, this pool was fantastic! I loved the feeling of safety in the area, and the location was close to tons of shopping. The whole place was fantastic! Everyone was more than welcoming, always ready to help to give us different information about Panama City and answer our bizarre questions. (Anyone else have trouble finding reliable information about Panama?? Kris can help you and if she doesn’t know the answer, her partner Carlos is ready with the directions hehe)

Woops, I nearly forgot to mention the free daily home-cooked breakfast served in the morning and the amazing brownies that you can buy at the front desk! Everything was fresh and made with love, like we were their friends staying over the weekend.

To end our stay in great style, the owners gave us a room upgrade, so we had a suite of our own to spend Sunday night. All these little treats made our trip to Panama City so special that solidifies, I’m coming back next year to explore more of beautiful Panama and staying right there again in Hostel Armonia.

This travel story was sent to us by Johanna Cupito, a world traveler and story writer.


First of all, Panama, the southernmost country in Central America, is a mix of everything. Nature has bestowed everything of her best in this tiny country and humans have also created things here that are considered among the best in the world.

The Panama Canal is an architectural wonder of the world and once you see it, you will understand why.

The Canal is a 48 miles, joining the Pacific with the Atlantic Oceans. It took many attempts and 10 years to build the “final” product we see today. This was finally completed in 1914 with the tale of the two worlds being broadcast at the locks theatre, we suggest you take in the movie for the full details. Each year, more than 15,000 vessels pass through the canal, making it one of the worlds most important points in maritime trade. It is named in the seven modern wonders of the world, alongside the best of them.

With tours of the Panama Canal available in Armonia with Damselfly travel agencies, we make this day trip a breeze and ensure we get you to the canal in time to see some beauty ships, right on schedule!

Ask at Armonias reception for more details, or email ptyarmonia@gmail.com in advance


Our respectful staff each add their own personal touches with a caring attentive effort into everything that we do, and you’ll feel it! You are not just our guests; You are as welcome as our own family here!

We will help you enjoy Armonia and much more of what Panama offers!

Let us take care of everything! We want you to have fun and relax in a stress free way in Armonia. Become artistically amused at our inhouse rooftop restaurant, El Hache or enjoy Panama’s only THROWROOM! Our backyard pool is a dream on those warm days with a cold drink. We have a complete games room with a ping-pong table, foosball, and gaming systems for those too hot to handle outside days.

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to gather any good information about Panama on the internet?

We have had many guests with questions that are sometimes tricky to answer; although we all do our best, we felt we needed a change. Armonia wants to give our guests authentic experiences, so we felt it was a great idea to bring in a professional to add to our team! As a result, Armonia is the only hostal in Panama to offer an inhouse travel agency, right at our reception desk!

We have your questions covered, no matter the traveler style or budget!

If you are having a hard time to plan out your vacation, let us help you! The opportunity to partner up with Damselfly Travels gives us the ability to offer direct packages for almost everything! Enjoy San Blas Islands; Boating trips to or from Colombia; Guided bike tours in the old city; the Panama Canal; Safe and Private Waterfalls or Coffee Plantation Tours; and much more simply email us in advance and we will be happy to help to build out your dream vacation in Panama. 

Evenings in Armonia are filled with laughter, fun and amusement!

Don’t miss out on trying El Haches new dART throwing or ticket events like concerts, stand up comedians and fire shows!

We often host free events and impromptu shows, karaoke nights, ping pong tournaments, and special games nights! El Hache Arts, Eatery and dARTS has the only throw room in Panama and takes bookings 7 days a week, is open from 11am – 12am and hosts the only Panama dART leagues!  

Why Not Try Something New on Vacation?

Book in for a hydroponic workshop right here and learn how to grow your own vegetables! Options include take home kits and supply for the local communities or long term traveler. Email us with the dates you are attending!

We want you to enjoy your stay and remember, we are all here in Armonia for a reason!



Plan Your Dream Vacation to Panama with Reliable Tour Companies

Finding reliable information on the internet about Panama is difficult. As a result, most people become intimidated when planning a trip to Central America. We encourage you to let us help you with your dream vacation! Armonia offers guidance from travels agents and local guides that offer unique, authentic experiences. Armonia provides our guests with exceptional customer service and one of a kind experiences, based on your travel style.


People tend to be worried a trip to paradise will cost too much; that is just not  the case when you work with local communities to build locally owned tourism!


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Most people today feel a dream trip will cost too much; however, this is not the case! Tell us what your budget is; we will then work with you to get you the best package to fully experience Panama, based on your interests!

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We ask you to read over the house rules.

1- Lily (The Dog) The house dog is Lily, our pet. If you are allergic or have a phobia, please let us know!

2 – General Rules Be friendly – Introduce yourself around! Do not steal – Also, don’t borrow other people’s things without asking them… Respect others space, opinions, gender and nationality Support our local deli and bar! Its fresh, easy, made in house and helps our hostal vibe!

Pay any tab you may have with the hostal. Buy our hostal workers a drink every now and again if you wish- they likely deserve it! No yelling or fighting – keep the vibe chill & harmonious! Don’t take yourself so seriously – remember to have some fun!

3 – Shared Dorm Rules Be respectful of others space, and time zones! Be quiet. 11PM – 8AM we ask you to respect others that may be sleeping Turn your cell phone ringer off (or at least down very low) at night please Keep shared areas and your bunk clean If you are leaving before 8AM, we suggest you pack your stuff up the night before.

No sex in the dorm rooms or shared use areas The dorm rooms are not for drying or airing laundry. Keep your private regions to yourself – in and out of your bed. Respect your fellow travelers and staff.

4- Shared Bathrooms Keep your private regions to yourself – respect your fellow travelers Tidy up after yourself. If the bathroom needs to be cleaned, please let any of our staff know.

5- The Kitchen Do not steal. If you did not buy it, do not eat it, or use it. (soap for your dishes is free!) If a bag or box has a name on it, it belongs to that person. Do not eat it. If a bag says “free” you can eat it- at your own risk. We do not guarantee “free” is good. Clean up after yourself.


If you are being disruptive, abusive, unruly, and do not comply with the basic rules, having respect for others in our home you will be asked to leave, immediately. No refunds, no discounts, no negotiations. Our staff will clear up your final bills owing to the hostal and escort you to the curb with your gear.

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